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About Parsonics

A family-owned USA company, Parsonics manufactures versatile multi-use transducers used across various applications such as liquid or solid level measurement, clear object detection, flow control, automation, proximity sensing, obstacle avoidance, distance measurement, and inventory control. We also specialize in custom designs.

Capable of operating in diverse environments, Parsonics transducers ensure reliable non-contact sensing performance, serving equipment like asphalt pavers, agricultural machinery, water/wastewater systems, and other challenging scenarios. Their sealed housings, including Kynar (r) PVDF, Teflon (r), and 316 stainless steel options, excel even in highly corrosive settings.

Workers loading rows or stacks of white sack bags from the conveyor belt and organizing them on the side at a large warehouse. PAR4012 Series Spec Sheet Use in Material Handling | Ultrasonic Transducers | Parsonicscorp.com | 815.338.6509
The operation of automatic plastic bag production machine with lighting effect. Close-up of the roller of the plastic bag production machine in the light blue scene. AR4012 Series Spec Sheet | Ultrasonic Transducers Use in Packaging | Parsonicscorp.com | 815.338.6509

Parsonics transducers boast IP68 ratings, with no moving parts and requiring no maintenance. They also offer CSA explosion-proof models and comply with 3-A standards. Our precise ultrasonic transducers come in various diameters, with or without threads, spanning a frequency range from 10 kHz to 2.5 MHz and a sensing range of 2.5 cm (1″) to 61 m (200′).

Our transducers feature a sensing range from 2.5 cm (1″) to 61 m (200′), operate across a frequency range of 10 kHz to 2.5 MHz, and are available with IP68 ratings, CSA explosion-proof certification, and 3-A compliance. Housing options include one-piece Kynar (r) PVDF, Teflon (r), and 316 stainless steel, ensuring suitability for chemically aggressive environments. With compact cylindrical housings, they facilitate broad use and seamless integration into original equipment manufacturer setups.